Public Policy


The Arizona Chapter of NAIOP has grown from a small association to its current membership of almost 600 members. Growth has been accompanied by the recognition that NAIOP members need to be heard on the public policy issues that affect them. As a result, NAIOP-AZ has reorganized and repositioned itself to be the leader among those who are committed to reducing the disproportionate tax burden imposed on commercial and industrial property in Arizona.

The goals of NAIOP Arizona's public affairs efforts are:

To protect the commercial real estate industry from increasing taxes, fees and regulations
To advocate and lobby for reduction of business property taxes
To support candidates at the state and local level who share the industry's goal of reducing business property taxes
To collaborate with other organizations and associations to promote items of common interest
To educate the community about the contribution the industry makes to the state's tax base and the economy in general
To research and disseminate information relative to the positioning of the industry and comparisons with other states

In addition to advancing a proactive agenda on behalf of the commercial real estate industry, NAIOP-AZ is prepared to react to proposed laws, fees, regulations and other enactments which have a negative impact on the industry. Over one thousand bills are introduced during the typical annual legislative session in Arizona. At the same time, cities, towns and counties are considering any number of proposals with potentially deleterious effects. Without a conscientious and continuous effort to monitor these maneuvers, and to provide the research and analysis necessary to counter them, the industry runs the risk of becoming the brunt of even greater taxes and expenses.

Federal Affairs

Click here to learn how the federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will impact the commercial real estate industry.

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