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What Is NAIOP?
NAIOP is the nation's leading trade association for developers, owners, investors, asset managers and other professionals in industrial, office and mixed-use commercial real estate. 

Founded in 1967, NAIOP comprises 16,000+ members in 55 North American chapters. It provides networking opportunities, educational programs, research on trends and innovations and strong legislative representation.   The Arizona Chapter is one of the largest chapters in the nation with over 800 members from Maricopa County.

What NAIOP Does!
NAIOP provides communication, networking and business opportunities for all real estate related professionals; provides a forum for continuing education; and promotes effective public policy, through its grassroots network, to create, protect and enhance property values.

NAIOP is active in the philanthropic community supporting charities such as: Foundation for Blind Children and the Phoenix Human Service Center.  

NAIOP also has a Developing Leaders (DL) program geared specifically toward professionals age 35 and under. Your membership entitles you to participate in our extensive network, gain instant access to the latest industry news and enjoy unparalleled networking opportunities.
Why Join NAIOP Arizona!
·         Networking
·         Create new business opportunities
·         Gain industry insight through educational conferences with leading-edge programming
·         Pursue new channels for career and professional development
·         Advance the business environment for commercial real estate through political activity

Throughout the years, NAIOP has evolved into one of the nation's largest, most prestigious and most effective commercial real estate organizations. NAIOP's powerful membership has enabled the industry to become one of America's leading economic engines.



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